Promotion & Advertisements


Add your event to the agenda. The agenda is's most visited page so we'd advise you to add your event in due time!

Adding your event to the agenda also insures it will be added to the events list on our Facebook page!

Free Tickets

When you add your event to the agenda, you'll have the opportunity to give out some free tickets. Obviously there's no obligation. The ticket contests are published on Facebook at least twice a week.


We offer the opportunity to rent banner space on our site, with various price ranges available. The system is fully automated, so you can choose your preferred location and upload your banner yourself.


Because we're continuously trying to keep up with the latest advertising trends and needs, is now also offering the cover photo space on our Facebook page for rent (the big banner-like image at the top of a Facebook-page).

The price is the same as for the big panoramic banner on our website (11 euro/day), the only difference being that you won't be able to this yourself as is the case with the banners on the site. Should you be interested please contact Jah Rebel via and he'll let you know which dates are still available and what format your banner should have (828 x 315 pixels).